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Any Senior Seminar, Special Topics or level graduate doctoral dissertation graphic novel in religious history Honors Program in History To be eligible for the Honors Program in History, students must have completed between 60 and 90 credits with low birth weight literature review the History major with a 3.

An overall GPA of at least 3. Completion of a page Senior Thesis HIS3 doctoral dissertations graphic novel with compare and contrast essay format ppt faculty member. Students in the Honors Program in History who complete all requirements but do not meet the GPA requirements for honors at the time of graduation will receive credit for all work completed but will not be certified as having received honors.

Patricia Kollander, kollande fau. History Minor Students majoring in any discipline other than History are eligible to complete a minor in History. This minor allows students to tailor their courses to a particular area of history or select a broad assortment of courses in different areas.

Chicago Catholic: Tolton cause receives positive news from Vatican. The canonization cause of Servant of God Augustus Tolton received important approval from the Vatican’s historical consultants in March, moving the cause forward.

The minor requires completion of 18 credits in history courses, at least 15 of which must be at the upper-division in two out of five geographical areas U. Of the 18 credits, at least 15 must be taken at FAU. Students interested in the minor should contact the Department of History. The doctoral dissertation graphic novel is credits B. Students complete credits for the doctoral dissertation graphic novel degree and 30 credits thesis option or 36 credits non-thesis option for the graduate degree.

Students complete the undergraduate degree first, taking no more than 12 credits of graduate coursework in their senior year, which are then used to satisfy requirements for both degrees. Prospective students must formally apply to this doctoral dissertation graphic novel and meet all admission requirements. Each applicant must be a declared History major at Florida Atlantic University, with credits completed toward the B. Historical Methods, and HIS Applicants must have a minimum 3.

If the applicant has a GPA well over the 3. Applicants must demonstrate competency in at least one foreign language. To do so, applicants must complete one of the following two options: Passing an equivalency exam at the level. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation, written by tenured or tenure-earning members of the Department of History.

Applicants must provide a writing sample as part of their application. This should be a term paper or lengthy essay. Applicants must essay or paper a two-to-three-page typed, double-spaced autobiographical statement indicating the nature of their preparation for graduate work and the reasons for seeking the combined B.

Prospective applicants for the combined B. The application deadline is October 15 for Spring admission, and June 1 for Fall admission.

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Undergraduate Course Replacements In their senior year, students admitted to the combined degree program may take up to 12 credits of graduate coursework, which are then used to satisfy requirements for both degrees. This will be accomplished by substituting 12 doctoral dissertations graphic novel of free doctoral dissertation graphic novel credit at the upper division level with HIS Degree Requirements To be eligible for the combined B. Completion of all requirements for the B.

Completion of all doctoral dissertations graphic novel for the M. Master’s Program Master of effect of childhood obesity essay with Major in History Admission Requirements The Master of Arts degree in History is designed to prepare graduates for doctoral doctoral dissertation graphic novel in history; for museum, preservation and public history work; for employment in education, government or industry; for admission to law school; to qualify instructors in history for community college teaching; and to enhance historical skills and content for secondary school social studies teachers.

Each applicant should have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, preferably with an undergraduate major in history. Applicants without an undergraduate history major may be admitted on condition that appropriate undergraduate coursework in history be completed in addition to all requirements for the M.

Applicants doctoral dissertation graphic novel earn a minimum score of on the verbal and 4. Applicants must have two letters of recommendation sent directly to FAU via the online application portal. Applicants must upload, as part of their online application, a writing sample. Applicants must upload, as part of their online application, a two-to-three-page typed, double-spaced autobiographical statement indicating the nature of their preparation for graduate work and the reasons for seeking the M.

Prospective applicants for graduate work in history are encouraged to schedule an interview with the department’s director of Graduate Studies. Graduate courses in history are of two types: These readings and research best companies for writers choose a major field from among the following: Those who select U.

History as their major field may include in their total program up to two public history courses, including internships. proposal essay topics technology a qualifying examination at the end of their course of study.

To pass, all students must earn at least a “B” grade on each question. The exam may be taken twice, but those students who do not pass the chinese wedding speech script at FAU during any doctoral dissertation graphic novel in which they take the exam.

Students in the non-thesis option who need to take the exam are expected to notify the graduate director in writing at least two pay for paper writing to abide by all of the procedures set out in the program website: Students should take this course as early in their program as possible.

In addition to HISstudents must complete 21 credits of graduate coursework in history, including a minimum of 9 credits in readings seminars level and a minimum of 9 credits in research seminars level.

Graduate students may not take undergraduate courses for graduate credit. Application for the M. Thesis option All students admitted to the M. Students may doctoral dissertation graphic novel to the M. Students must have achieved a minimum overall GPA of 3. Students must submit the following to the director of Graduate Studies prior to the last day of class of the second semester of full-time study or the last day of class of the semester when the student will have completed 15 credits studying part time: A brief paragraph indicating which professor ideally would serve as thesis advisor and explaining why the student would like to work with that particular professor; b.

A page overview of the thesis explain what the is about, how existing literature on the topic is deficient, and what the thesis is proposing that is new and a preliminary doctoral dissertation graphic novel.

After grades are in for the semester during which the student is applying for the thesis option, the director of Graduate Studies will verify the applicant’s overall GPA; if this falls below 3.

If the student meets the GPA requirement, the director of Graduate Studies will forward the application to the doctoral dissertation graphic novel committee members. The committee will communicate its decision to the Graduate Studies director, who will inform the student whether the project is accepted and, if so, under what conditions the student may proceed to write the thesis.

If the application is not approved, the student must pursue the non-thesis option. If approved for a thesis, A good argumentative essay conclusion student’s thesis advisor will put together a three-member thesis committee to oversee the doctoral dissertation graphic novel and writing of the doctoral dissertation graphic novel.

This proposal and determination of the thesis committee must be submitted and approved by the graduate director and department chair before the student can register for thesis credits. The foreign language requirement must also be met before the doctoral dissertation graphic novel is permitted to enroll in doctoral dissertation graphic novel research. In addition to HISstudents must complete 33 credits of graduate coursework, including a minimum of 12 credits in reading seminars level and a minimum of 18 credits in research seminars level.

Upon approval of the graduate director, up to 3 credits may be taken in graduate courses outside the History Department in some other appropriate doctoral dissertation graphic novel. To assure proper distribution of course by field, graduate students in the non-thesis option should take 18 credits in their major field European, U. Graduate students in the non-thesis option may not take undergraduate courses for graduate credit. Graduate students who also serve as graduate assistants in the department must complete, in addition to all other requirements, the 3-credit HIS Credits for this course may not be counted email resume application letter part of the requirements for the credit non-thesis M.

The Plan of Study All students in the M.

This form is completed by the student in consultation with the graduate director. Approval of this plan certifies that the student has demonstrated the ability to do acceptable graduate work. Those students who make changes to their Plan of Study after the original plan is submitted are required engineering essay writing file a Revision to an Existing Plan of Study form in the last semester before graduation.

The forms for completion can be accessed through the Graduate College website. Failure to file these forms as required will prevent the student from graduating. Foreign Language Requirement In addition to the other degree requirements, all students must fulfill the department language requirement before conferral of the degree through one of the following three options.

Passing one semester of a foreign language at the intermediate level at FAU or the equivalent at another university, as determined by the History Department’s graduate committee. Passing an equivalency exam at the intermediate level. It is strongly encouraged that students fulfill this requirement soon after beginning their graduate studies. To qualify for the M. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters. Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor of Arts with Major in Interdisciplinary Studies Minimum of credits required The Interdisciplinary we write your thesis for you program is for students who wish to concentrate generally in the Arts, Humanities and Social Science without a specific departmental major.

The knowledge and intellectual training provided is doctoral dissertation graphic novel preparation for graduate study in the fields of the arts and humanities, the study of law, the ministry and careers in public service professions.

Three concentrations are available within the Interdisciplinary Studies program: The doctoral dissertation graphic novel who wishes to pursue this major or a particular concentration should contact The Office of Student Academic Services for advising and more information.

Degree requirements for the Interdisciplinary Studies major and the three concentrations are shown below. Prerequisite Coursework for Transfer Students Students transferring to Florida Atlantic University must complete both lower-division requirements including the requirements of the Intellectual Foundations Program and requirements for the College and major.

Lower-division requirements may be completed through the A.